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Free math games are a great way to teach children their maths or help them brush up on their times tables. Free math games have been around for quite some time. Characters and adventures have developed along with graphic improvements made over the years to computer games.

There are now hundreds of free math games online. For example, some are made for addition and subtraction, while others are arranged by the age group, Key Stage or grade. Free math games are not just for children who are finding it hard to concentrate in the classroom or for fidgets. Free math games have been recognised by teachers as a valuable tool inside the classroom so long as they have computer access, as well as being a valuable resource at home for revision and for learning.

four dice stacked on top of each other

Free math games pit children against the clock in a fun and competitive way.

Free math games pit children against the clock in a fun and competitive way. The quicker they can successfully complete a maths question, the better they will be able to do so in an exam when they are racing against time to answer as many correct questions as possible in order to get a good grade.

Free math games are also more fun than doing a maths problem on paper. It has been proven that children and adults recall things easier if it stands out in their minds. Memory can also involve our senses, so the more senses that are engaged, the more someone is likely to remember it. This is essential for times tables and other maths that would only otherwise be learned by rote.

If you can’t remember your maths lessons, that was probably because there was nothing to distinguish it from any other lesson where you just had to sit still and try to learn. But the children of this age have technology on their side and there is no reason to stop them from finding that learning can be fun.

Free math games are now an essential part of educating any child and considered as something that would boost their maths skills.

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